The Gangsta Rabbi – New Take On Quadrophenia By The Who

When a musician gets the bug to start churning out music sometimes there is no way to turn it off.  It has been less than a month since we covered The Gangsta Rabbi ’s last album Terminator V617F.  Nothing seems to stop this man and he is already back with more songs for us.

Gangsta Rabbi Quadrophenia

The story of The Gangsta Rabbi is a sad yet inspiring one.  What started in the 1960s as a guy playing with a bass guitar in school has developed into a long career of experimental music through many instruments and DIY styles.  In all the man also known as Steve Lieberman has released 25 albums along with countless cassettes during the underground trade market of the 80’s.  

Many problems have affected the career of the Gangsta Rabbi from bipolar disorder and depression to his most recent battle with Cancer and Leukemia.  This however has not slowed him down and he has returned with yet another album. This time it is his take on the rock opera Quadrophenia by The Who.  The 18 track record is quite the journey into distortion and punk.  I would not put it in the same technical talent as the original but this version is just as raw as the original was intended in its time.  The fact that The Gangsta Rabbi was able to record the entire album in only 6 weeks sets the tone even more.  Some standouts of the album include “Cut My Hair” and “Is It In My Head” where the energy is truly evident even if the production is not there.  If it is the music that is keeping this man alive than he needs to keep doing it and sharing his emotion and a little madness with the world.  

If you are ready for it take a listen HERE.

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