IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… MaxThaProphet


For any lasting success as an artist, you need to be completely original. Fans want to hear something unique and see you grow. We caught up with the unique talent that is MaxThaProphet for a deeper look into his plans.

Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us the story behind MaxThaProphet?

Growing up I would always write music and I always thought to myself, I hear people making money off just saying things, and as a bag chaser at heart I said why can’t that be me it comes to pretty naturally why not make some bread off it and take it to the next level. 

How would you describe your sound?

 I would describe it as my own and I’m definitely my own artist, I’m not trying to copy anyone else Or follow other peoples path to the bag when I can make my own path. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

I always loved youngboy so I try to come from the heart like he does a lot on his music, I also always loved Kendrick not every song can be meaningful but I at least try to add substance In as much of my music I can i would never have someone else write for me 

What drives you to create original music?

The fact that if you try to copy other people you put yourself in a smaller box, you already are limiting yourself no matter how successful you can be you can’t hit that next step anyway, if it’s original the sky’s the limit because YOU are the sauce creator you had the recipe you were the OG with your own style. 

How does a song come together for MaxThaProphet? What is your songwriting process?

Always late at night, I just find an instrumental,  sit down about 20 minutes to 30 I’ll have a whole song done, it all depends how focused I am. If I’m locked down the process is so fast, but detailed as well, I never rush. 

Your first couple of tracks hit hard. What do you hope the listeners will take away from your songs? 

 I hope they’ll see I’m jus tryna get this bag so I can give the bag back and shine my light which is what you should do if you find success, I just hope they enjoy the songs and can relate or take something positive from them

Share some advice for other up and coming artists?

Never ever copy anyone, do your own thing, by doing that you have unlimited potential, if you copy someone. You’re copying one person style and they’ll just say you a Walmart version of them, also buy all your beats exclusively if you believe in yourself, it takes money to make money 

Give us a look at the future of MaxThaProphet?

The future is bright, I got s lot of collabs on tha way with notable artists, I’m locked in with my people, the only way is up 

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