Enter Into A “Different World” With Billy Lemos

Multi-instrumentalist, Billy Lemos, steps back up to the plate with the new single, “Different World.” This new track featuring Danny Dwyer creates a warm environment for the listener by combining aggressive drums, layered vocals, and dreamy synths, making this a summer go-to song. This single is to be featured on his debut album, Wonder, which is set to debut September 25.

Listen to “Different World”

Now based in Chicago, Iowa-native Billy Lemos has worked with notable bedroom pop artists such as Omar Apollo, Victor Internet, Still Woozy, and Quiet Luke. It’s not a surprise to see another of the likes on this track, but Dwyer executes and delivers alongside Lemos. In an email written to the FADER, Lemos mentions “I remember I went over to his apartment…I took what he already had and tried to flip it in a more electronic, IDM-esque direction.” Lemos delivers on his statement, making him an embryonic and formidable producer within the indie community. Other sources such as Notion agree that “artists like Billy Lemos are the reason we started Internet Crush in the first place.”

After releasing numerous singles and two eps (Self, Awkward), audiences can hear the musical growth of Lemos with the inspirations of Steve Lacey, River Tiber, Frank Ocean, and Maxwell Young. With the upcoming album, Wonder, audiences across different platforms will be able to hear the creativity, innovation, and rhythm that Lemos has been working with for nearly three years. The album is set to have a massive feature list including Monsune, MTMBO, Still Woozy, Tati, and more, which will pair up nicely with the dreamy production of Lemos. Wonder is a collection of ideas that traverses over many genres resulting in a cohesive unit depicting the musical growth Lemos has experienced. 

“Where once we had ‘bedroom producers’ now we have fully-fledged bedroom popstars, artists who command thousands of fans without ever setting foot in a recording studio or on a stage.” Lemos’ time as a musician is just beginning and he has displayed that growth is limitless. Wonder is set to release September 25, 2020.


1. Always (featuring Monsune)
2. Are You There (featuring Lava La Rue and Danny Dwyer)
3. Miles Away (featuring LOWERLIPDRIP)
4. Midlife Crisis (featuring Tati)
5. For Me (featuring Jonah Mutono)
6. If You Won’t, I Will (featuring MTMBO)
7. Different World (featuring Danny Dwyer)
8. Wonder (featuring MTMBO and Still Woozzy)
9. Playing Games (featuring Setec)
10. ATM

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