J. Alan Schneider Releases Honest and Heartfelt EP ‘On Precipice’

J. Alan Schneider

NYC indie-folk artist J. Alan Schneider is back with his new EP, On Precipice, which came out October 27.

Recorded entirely in an apartment in Queens, NYc, On Precipice is a simple project with strong roots. Schneider enlisted the help of a few local musicians from the neighborhood, making the record one of collaboration and group effort.

On Precipice follows Schneider’s debut EP, Lo & Behold, which received attention from national publications. After features on Spotify playlists and NH Public Radio, Schneider’s next move was eagerly awaited by many.

With a mellow but rich sound and beautiful lyrics, On Precipice delivers.

The record opens with “Dreamreaders,” an a calm acoustic track that grows in moments throughout. With floaty falsetto vocals in the chorus, Schneider bears his soul. Harmonies elevate the chorus in repetitions, keeping the song moving forward.

“Dreamreaders” is the perfect opening to the record, as its honesty is compelling and demonstrates Schneider’s well-developed sound.

J. Alan Schneider Gets Real With Leading Single ‘The State Line’

In an interview with The Fox & King, Inc., Schneider spoke on “The State Line,” which he released as a single ahead of On Precipice.

“The song is sort of a warm, dark take on fate,” Schneider said. “As humans, we can’t necessarily control everything in our lives, and grappling with that can be hard to reconcile when you have goals.”

With a melancholy tone and honest lyrics, “The State Line” conveys the feeling of accepting one’s fate and adapting to it. The chorus in particular is hauntingly beautiful, leaving the listener unsettled but captivated.

Overall, a darker feeling is what J. Alan Schneider sought to convey in his sophomore release. While Lo & Behold was a simple but well-received album, On Precipice is a true evolution and extension of what Schneider’s sound can truly become. On the surface, these songs sound beautiful but simple. Under the surface, there is a much greater complexity and much to explore.

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