JACQ Shows Us His Own ‘Starlight’


Doing cover songs will always be relevant. It is an often easy way to grab an audience’s attention and provoke them to listen to more of your own music. The best advice is to make the song your own and add your own style to make it unique but still close enough to the original for people to relate to. We recently came across JACQ and his mesmerizing rendition of “Starlight” by alternative rock gods MUSE.

Rich Jacques is a Grammy-winning producer and artist who has worked with an eclectic range of artists crossing many different genres. From household names to names just beginning to be heard.

Now, Rich is running with his own singer-songwriter career going by the name JACQ. For this project, he strips away the big production of his former work and focuses on the beauty of the music with a minimalistic approach. This has brought JACQ back to the basics creating a feeling that his music is being performed just for you in a small intimate setting.

JACQ’s Version Of “Starlight’ is Pure Elegance

On April 26th, JACQ released his own version of MUSE’s “Starlight”. Right from the opening piano touches the track draws the listener in close with a very personal feel. The big expansive production of the original is exchanged for something completely different but ever so elegant. The vocals have an almost haunting effect in the slowed down effort. A sense of peace and relaxation will come over the listener throughout the song. By the time we reach the final verse “I just wanted to hold you in my arms,” we all feel like we are in the cozy cocoon that JACQ has created for us. You will need a minute before continuing with the rest of your day.

We are excited to see what comes next in this series of amazing and unique music. Keep an eye and ear out for more by JACQ soon.

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