The internet can make the music world so small sometimes.  We discovered some good music today with a sound that could have come from anywhere in middle America.  After looking into the artist a little more I found that this music is from Pakistan.  I may have been able to get that from the musician’s name, Jehangir Aziz Hayat, but as you know I never prejudge music.  Welcome to the Indie Band Guru playlist Jenhangir.

The 23 year old Jehangir Aziz Hayat has already made a huge impact in his home country.  His first track ‘Never Change’ reached the national charts in its first week of release and was nominated for the Best Début Award at the MTV Pakistan Awards. Jehangir has also won awards for the Best Male Alternative Artist, Best Alternative Record and Best Alternative Video Under $5,000 at the Indie Music Channel Awards 2012.  It is only a matter of time before his music spreads throughout the rest of the world.

Jehangir Aziz Hayat’s last full album, Read Between The Lines, was released back in 2010.  He displays a wide range styles, from hardcore “balls to the wall” metal, such as the Godsmack/Pantera clone ‘Bringing Me Down’, to more radio-friendly songs like ‘Pretend To Be’.  There’s something here for everyone.  Lyrically, it’s apparent that Hayat is on a quest, searching for more from life.  From low growls to very tuneful singing, Hayat showcases his vocal ability throughout the album. Combining the great vocals, heavy double bass, and catchy guitar riffs is something he should truly be proud of.

His most recent single release is the song ‘What Makes Me Happy’.  It is quite a far cry from his metal roots but this is a damn good easy listening pop song.  It looks like Jehangir is finally starting to find his happiness with jangly guitar tones over a straight and simple drum beat.  You can hear the influences of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson here as well.

Bottom Line: Jehangir Aziz Hayat is an amazing musician who it seems can write a hit song in any genre.  He needs to be more well-known in this part of the world and Indie Band Guru will do its best to help make that happen.

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