Kid Astray

Kid Astray is rocking our world with their new electronic jammer “Fall To My Knees”.

This five-person, Norwegian indie-pop band mixes smooth soprano vocals with a catchy melody, creating an upbeat song with euphoric vibes for all to enjoy. With influences such as MGMT and Passion Pit, Kid Astray adds a modern techno twist to their new single “Fall To My Knees”. The band incorporates a vibrant range of synthetic instruments along with a chorus of voices to accompany the soaring vocals of lead singer Benjamin Giørtz. The group works well together to create their ideal sound that sets them apart from their peers, as the group members have been studying music together since they met in high school.

“Oh, Berlin… I’ve been going too far pretending… I’m not gonna fall to my knees.”

Kid Astray’s “Fall To My Knees” lyrics were inspired by an amazing crowd at their sold-out show in a Berlin club in 2015. Prior to that show, the music group had been facing unwarranted criticism in the media that was negatively affecting their morale. Unsure if they wanted to continue making music, the group took to the stage slightly downtrodden. The crowd turned out to be crazy supportive and high-spirited. The audience’s support reminded the guys of why they love what they do, even when the industry brings them down.

After winning over the hipster and techno capital of Europe, Kid Astray is living proof that fearless determination and hard work pays off, and this song is their reminder of that. Singing “I’m not gonna fall to my knees” shows society that Kid Astray is here to stay. If you can’t get enough of their new single, stay tuned for Kid Astray’s upcoming EP, scheduled to be released this fall.

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