There are pockets of good music all over this great nation.  The days are over when you had to up and move your band to NYC or Los Angeles to record a good record.  Don’t get me wrong, every band still has to get to these places to perform and promote themselves, but much of the groundwork can be laid down ahead of time.  We found a band from Northern Pennsylvania that recently finished their EP and is now getting ready for the world.  Let us introduce you to Locket Love.

Their sound is an interesting mix of garage rock, 50’s swing, and pop-punk.  Locket Love consists of Ronnie Bourne on guitar and vocals, A.J. Hickernell on guitar, Brian “Doog” Houser on Bass, and Michael ‘Jopie’ Marion on drums.  The influences from each band member vary greatly but have enough in common to create something different yet familiar in each song.  The band has developed this sound far from the closest city life of Philadelphia and New York City.  Their home base among the Pocono Mountains has given them the freedom to create something that is all their own.

Locket Love recently released their self-titled debut EP.  The 7 song record is a great sample of what the band is ready to spring on the world.  A track that grabbed my attention right away was the brash ‘Perfect Song’.  It is a simple pop punk song that follows the time tested standard of verse-chorus-verse.  There is even a sweet guitar solo thrown in towards the end that does make it pretty close to the perfect song.  Keeping it simple definitely worked out in this case.  ‘Hazel Eyes’ opens with a 50’s television inspired guitar riff before pouring into a classic sing along punk song reminiscent of early Green Day (before the sell-out).  There is fun music throughout the album that will win Locket Love many fans out on the road when they are able to get out there and really push this record to the many young fans out there craving something just like it.

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