Sometimes musical talent is discovered at a very young age and can be nurtured by supportive people.  I do not recommend forcing young people to stay involved in things that they do not enjoy but if something brings them happiness, you must help them along to achieve their dreams.  Luckily for Abby Millon, she had the supportive family to allow her to pursue her passion and now at only 15 years old is making quite a splash.

The singer/songwriter from Northeastern Pennsylvania has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of seven.  Her vocals sound like those of a much older soulful singer.  There is heartfelt passion in her voice and guitar playing style that translates to her performance.  Abby claims that Taylor Swift has been a major influence on her.  That is obvious when you hear her lyrics about love and heartbreak.

Abby Millon was able to release a full album entitled The Dive last year with the help of her uncle James Scott Flannery of Park Bench Productions.   The 7 song record of original music features just Abby and her guitar which creates a comforting feeling of Abby singing just for you.  She is also not afraid to open up her emotions through her music.  Songs such as ‘Prince Charming’ and Summer Nights’ let the listener inside the heart of the teenage singer.  This ability always makes for great listening and develops fans that truly want to be part of the artist’s career.  There is some real talent here that I feel will only grow if Abby continues of her quest of becoming a professional singer songwriter.

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