Musical influences can change often during a musician’s career, from the days of performing alone in his bedroom, to hearing his parent’s albums play from the living room, to experiencing all kinds of music along the streets of the city.  This grows exponentially if the artist comes from a diverse city such as New York and travels the world to places such as West Africa and Latin America.  This is the basic background story of an artist that we recently discovered.  Welcome to the world of Zack Glass.

Growing up in New York’s Lower East Side and coming from an artistic family, Zack Glass was exposed to a wide variety of music from an early age.  He started playing piano and guitar at age 13 and has kept finding new influences ever since. He has traveled extensively and now splits his time between New York and Brazil, recording and performing in both musical meccas.  Zack has explored many different genres of music and now has found his own little eclectic fusion of these styles as his trademark.

Recently Zack Glass has released his second CD, Southern Skies.  The 12 song record bases itself in the singer/songwriter vibe but reaches out to touch many different genres from country to world music.  The title track ‘Southern Skies’ is sung with a slight country drawl and whistling while featuring instrumentation that could be from many genres.  On ‘Dancing Mood’ Zack shows off his reggae skills with a jam that puts you in a, how do I saw this, mood to dance. The closing track ‘See My Way Through’ features piano and interesting guitar tones to remind you that you have been exposed to something that cannot be pinned down into any one genre.

Bottom Line: The album Southern Skies by Zack Glass is a fun record for those with an open enough mind to not try to pigeon hole their musical taste.  Explore the world in 45 minutes just by listening to this disc.

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