Lorelei Roux Preaches in ‘Church Of The Inner Cosmos’

Lorelei Roux

There is music out there existing in the underground that is much more than just a collection of sounds. There are messages and meanings and emotions to be shared. An artist that can combine all of this in their creations is a gift to the world. Our recent discovery Lorelei Roux is a great example of a musician doing more with their art.

The songwriter, composer, producer, and shaman is currently based in New York City where she has the opportunity to explore and experiment. Lorelei Roux is a seeker of experiences and philosophies as well. In understanding that life is a series of quests, she has used both the written and spoken word as navigational tools, whether folkloric or historical… lyrical or poetic. Putting it all together into her unique sound without any limitations truly sets Lorelei Roux apart.

To enter the world of Lorelei Roux we introduce “Church of the Inner Cosmos.” For this track she partnered with Becca Sameasu to create more originality. A spacy atmospheric sound welcomes us to the song to ease our minds. Vocals are delivered with passion and true emotion drawing the listener deep into their mind. Spoken word style comes in to preach the story. Seemingly random noises are layered on top of eachother to create a sonic tapestry that is easy to get lost within. Whether horns or exotic percussion, there is always something new popping in to draw our focus. This is the purpose of music as art. 

It seems as if Lorelei Roux can take us in whatever direction she seems fit. And we will gladly go along to experience the world she has created for us. Step into more of her world for yourself on her WEBSITE.

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