Love District Defines What “Feels Like Home” In Latest Single

During a time when life is seemingly moving at a fast pace and heavily fueled by technology, it has become easy to lose ourselves in the never-ending grind. The latest single from Love District explores this inner conflict and how it can affect our outlook on life.

Based in San Jose, California, Love District are a dynamic rock band with new wave and post-punk influences. After a full length album, an EP, and a few singles, the four-piece continues to play a large part in the indie music scene of today with their most recent single – “Feels Like Home.”

Listen to “Feels Like Home” below

Opening with a charming acoustic guitar and then followed closely with a hard hitting beat, Love District’s new single has a unique sound with clear influences from The Cure and The Smiths. However, through the arrangement of upbeat synths, driving guitars, and harmonic vocals, Love District are able to make a distinct sound for themselves in their latest single that leaves listeners wanting to hit repeat.

Not only does the single have an easily catchy beat, but its contemplative lines speak directly to its listeners. Lyrically, “Feels Like Home,” reflects on the time spent living in a fast-paced city and how it often leads to a feeling of being alone. At the same time, the lyrics also suggest that a sense of home can still be found within the hustle and bustle – proving that ‘home’ truly looks different for everyone. Following the theme of nostalgia, the song encapsulates the contentment that can be found in all of life’s ups and downs.

At its core, “Feels Like Home,” is a combination of meditative lyrics and a lively tempo, making it the perfect track to play out loud and enjoy this summer.

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