Fall In “Love In The Rain” With Greg Owens And The Whiskey Weather

Sharing his catchy new single “Love in the Rain” is Nashville native singer/ songwriter Greg Owens and the Whiskey Weather. He’s been involved in music ever since he was a child growing up. Owens began filling bars in his hometown with people. From there, he starts to find his true purpose in life.

Written during a 5-day songwriting challenge, “Love in the Rain” is a brilliant mix of his raspy and heartfelt voice and beautifully written music. Everything from the familiar love topics and the relatable lyrics, creates a great new song. Add that with a simply written, yet moving instrumentation, you have a true treasure.

Owens draws inspiration from different themes of love, loneliness, and the acceptance of change. “Love in the Rain” is no exception. Although these are not uncommon themes, it is the authenticity of the songwriter’s lyrics that is unique. The compositions feel very lived in, as if Greg is inviting you into his life.

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Photo Credit: Jon Estes

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