Matt Rouch And The Noise Upstairs

Matt Rouch

The biggest key for an independent songwriter to reach an audience is creating songs that can connect with the listener.  They must be willing to pour honesty and intimacy in their songs and be unafraid to share stories that hit close to home.  Our recent find Matt Rouch has hit this right on the head with his music.

Born in Virginia and growing up near Washington, D.C., Matt Rouch has now crossed the country and landed in Denver, Colorado.  He is now diligently working his way into the music scene.

A long-time member of several bands on the east coast, Matt recently started a project in his new Rocky Mountain town called Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs. The group formed as a result of the ever-popular Meadowlark open mic night in Denver. Matt met songwriters Justin Catanzaro and Alex Fostar, both of whom mentioned they played other instruments like bass and violin. Together they started working on a sound that would merge the best of their styles to form The Noise Upstairs.

After being together for only a few months, Matt Rouch and The Noise Upstairs has already released a full length album entitled The Beautiful and The Damned.  The 9 track record puts it all together with touches of folk, country and intense storytelling.  The opener “I’m No Angel” sets the peppy tone with some harmonica and a chugging beat that gets the heart pumping a bit.  The lyrics show that Matt Rouch will put it all out there for everyone to hear.  Both the good and the bad.  There is a little rock n roll vibe on “Black Noon Dawn”.  The sounds of many instruments fill the sonic space to create a lush tapestry of music.  



The group shows they can slow it down just as well on “The Man You See”.  This heavily folk-influenced number is an intimate one that creates the feel of sitting around a campfire as Matt Rouch and The Noise Upstairs performs just for you.  The vocals bring a memory of Evan Dando on the Lemonheads sharing his feelings.  The music dives a little darker on “Riders From The Hillside”.  Both lyrically and musically we feel the dark side of the mind of the songwriter.  The bouncy guitar melody of “This Side Of Paradise” will get your head bopping along.  The powerful violin that comes in will jar you awake to focus on where the song is going.  There is no rest for the wicked.

The album closes with the travelling song “Bus To Chillicothe”.  It seems like a sad journey allowing the mind to wander to thoughts of loneliness and fear.  There is hope though as the melody picks up to bring it all home, just like we all want.  

Come join in the intimate journey of Matt Rouch And The Noise Upstairs on their WEBSITE for even more of the story.

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