One thing that is very common when you find a good musician is realizing the fact that they are creative and talented in other areas besides music as well.  Whether it be writing or painting or an innovative mix of all kinds of artistic styles there is the realization that some people are just meant to be in the creative space.  Recently I was introduced to an artist that has all this going for him.  Let me introduce you to Maxwell Demon.

Maxwell Demon

The 23 year old New Yorker has a knack for creating collages of styles all into one complete artistic piece.  Maxwell records all his music in a small apartment on the waterfront overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  There are few views that inspire more talent that NYC.  Maxwell Demon’s music could be described as chill wave with strong parts electronica and shoegaze.  His style of making these genres coexist in complete songs is quite innovative.  Each song could stand on its own in many of today’s trendy music subgenres.  He also shares the meanderings of his mind on a website that is a mix of his writing, songs and artwork at .

Maxwell has been releasing singles with regularity as he reaches for his goal of putting out a full EP this summer.  His latest single is ‘Tears’, an electronic blast of blips and bleeps with a spooky vocal track that drags the listener along through a deep and dark storyline.  One track that jumped out at me was ‘Homewrecker’, a hard rocking electronic track with smooth vocals that allow the listener to both get fired up and mellow out within the context of one song.  As you dive deeper into Maxwell Demon’s catalog you discover some interesting trends with song titles such as ‘Worthless’, ‘Quit’ and ‘Let Go’.  This is a talented musician that uses his music to share some dark feelings of doubt and remorse.  This is not happy music for the summer car ride but perfect for a wintery weekend stuck in the house.

Go experience Maxwell Demon for yourself at:

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