Hopefully everyone who reads our site knows that making it in the music industry is far from easy.  There is an amount of determination and drive needed in this business that dwarfs the efforts of people in the corporate world.  It takes a certain kind of individual to go this route, especially on their own.  We have found a truly driven woman when we met Emma Shaka.

Hailing from a French territory called Reunion Island, that I never heard of, she is on a quest to make herself well known in the rest of the world.  After doing a little research I discovered that Reunion Island is a rocky little island off the coast of East Africa that is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  This is a fitting home base for Emma Shaka as she is ready to erupt upon the world.  (I know, I know – horrible pun).  She sees her musical talent as a gift that must be shared with everyone and is so determined to do so that is inspiring to others.  She has ventured to countries such as Norway, France, and China to expose her indie style of energetic edgy rock mixed with melodic pop music.

The first step to stardom has recently happened with the release of Emma Shaka’s debut album Who I Am.  The album is divided into two distinct parts.  The first half is defined by more rock elements, whereas the other half is defined by pop music, successfully creating a refreshing album that resonates with both pop and rock music listeners.  The opening track ‘Can You Hear Me’ attacks the listener right away with the undeniable energy of Emma’s voice over a basic rock groove.  The focus is on the vocal performance here and it leaves the listener winded after the first listen.  There is also a great guitar solo by James Le Joliff here that reminds you that this is a throwback to the rock music of yesteryear.  Another track full of energy is ‘Sex Away’.  Here we hear powerful and singable choruses that fans are sure to scream out in a live setting.  The vocals brought a reminder of Joan Jett power to my ears.  As the album progresses through tracks like ‘Let Me Try’ and ‘What About Me’, Emma Shaka shows off her softer side with mellower songcraft meant to touch the heartstrings of the listener.  There is something for everything here and a great start to the career of a woman determined ‘to make it.’

Go enter Emma Shaka’s world at:


For a live look watch the video for ‘All Those Cries Around’ below:


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  1. Hi Loula,

    I’ll just write in english if you don’t mind ; )
    Thanks a lot for your comment much appreciated, don’t hesitate to get in touch via facebook,

    And yes you’re right, not easy to make it in the music industry particularly from Reunion Island…
    Keep in touch ; )

  2. I am happy for her, she deserves this true comment! Coming from the same Island , I am sure she is determined and talented, because it is not easy to make it in the music Industry, particularly in Reunion Island. To make it happen She probably ventured to those countries by herself . I am not fluent thus you probably did not understand my post. So sorry 😉