Mike Glendinning entrances you with ‘The Tenderloin’

Mike Glendinning

Mike Glendinning is not exactly what you’d call a typical artist, which is most definitely shown in his self-proclaimed genre “grunge jazz.” I’ll admit, I have never in my 23 years heard those two completely polar opposite genres blended together, so needless to say I was quite excited to listen further into his music.

“The Tenderloin” is a song title that made me giggle, for whatever childish reason I have, but starting off the video for this track I was immediately drawn into this genre. I am not entirely noticing the jazz vibes with this one, but the grunge sound is quite prominent.

Mike Glendinning Fuses Jazz and Grunge in Perfect Harmony

The music video is more of a compilation of short clips that seem to be completely disjointed without any relation to each other, but I must admit that it goes so well with the song itself. There’s something that is so disjointed about this track that really just flows so perfectly and sounds so angsty yet calm at the same time. The music video is also quite psychedelic in nature, making you feel like you’re on some strange acid trip.

There’s a consistency to the beat of the track that makes it honestly a really chill song to listen to, and the vocals are just raspy enough to keep that grunge sound but not be entirely too harsh. The guitar picking two minutes into the song was a very welcome surprise and not at all something that I was expecting to hear.

After reading Glendinning’s bio, this all makes complete sense. Having gained inspiration from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, it definitely sounds like there are influences present within this track in particular. With that being said, this is most definitely a track that will put you in a trance and keep your head nodding throughout.

Check out “The Tenderloin” over on YouTube.

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