Night Argent — Pop Rock with Punk Edge

Night Argent

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Night Argent, a five piece from Washington state, just released their first self-titled EP. Though a young group, Night Argent has already been garnering both a fan base and media attention — and for good reason.

Night Argent Unafraid of Mixing it Up

Mixing heavy punk-minded backtracks and pop style vocals, Night Argent has six original songs that illustrate the bands entrance into the musical world and their determination to take a path different from the norm.

The first song on the EP, “Nothing More Beautiful,” is filled with swarms of guitar and piano. The variation in vocals from high alto to low baritone throughout the song made for an interesting emotional experience.

I loved how involved the vocalist sounded, his heavily emotional filled voice made me feel connected to the group. Additionally, the lyrics of this song were nothing short of uplifting — they were confidence building without being to cheesy.

Moving forward, the song “Comet” was my personal favorite. The slow easy piano keying melted into the drums to create a sound that was mellow while still displaying a punk influence. The lyrics illustrated a great metaphor for starting over and beginning a new.

“Comet” sounded somewhat like another track, “Kamikaze.” The latter, however, had much more of a passionate undertone. The longing in the lead singer truly made me feel like he was singing to someone special, asking them to love him.

In my opinion though, the most original and other worldly song on the entire EP was “Widowmaker.” Not only did the pace and attitude show how talented the group was, it was the first time the lead singer really let go of his vocal control and felt the music.

The drummer also used this song to shine, really coming through as the MVP of this track. His steady hits of the percussion pieces helped to make the song so much more than a sound and more of an aura.

Taking in Night Argent felt like listening to a hit before it is discovered. Night Argent exudes confidence and it clearly shows on their debut.

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