“Not A Soul In Sight” With Emperors Night

Alternative and garage rock brothers Emperors Night recently share their newest album Driving At Pace, while also sharing a music video for one of the singles off the album “Not A Soul In Sight.” The Chalmers brothers, Bud (vocals, piano), Dhyan (vocals, bass), and Anand (guitars, production) are originally from the east coast of Australia, but eventually move their music career to North America and now reside in Toronto, Canada.  

The band shares that their biggest flex comes from their “commitment to equality between the instruments. Each takes their turn in the spotlight, often weaving in and out and around each other in harmony.”

Photo Credit: Valentina Caballero 

“Not A Soul In Sight,” is led by Bud on vocals and is a song they wrote just after the lockdown due to COVID-19. Their alternative rock style and the singer/songwriter style they write in blends together quite nicely. The openness of the filming location and the loneliness of the lyrics work well together to create a well-balanced concept.

While I loved the beginning shots of the band, as the video continued, I became less and less engaged. The use of their background seemed to become less important, and sometimes their physical presence did not match the energy conveyed in the recording. With that being said, overall, their visuals and music convey the same layout, which I did appreciate. 

Driving At Pace Album Art

Check out the music video for “Not A Soul In Sight” Here!



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