Music can be many things to many people.  For some it is an escape or even an outlet to let feelings enter the world and gently let others into that personal world.  We recently had the chance to hear the music of Once More, Autumn and feel a sense of being welcomed into the warm journey of the artist.

Once More Autumn

What began as experimental recordings of Evan Walter back in October of 2013 in Saint Paul, Minnesota expanded to include sound engineer Brady Lorenzen and a collection of other talented artists with no specific focus on any one individual.  Once More, Autumn is about letting the music move through the artist and you to reach a higher experience for everyone involved.  There are influences from classic bands like The Beatles as well as more modern day acts such as Wilco and Bon Iver.  Listening to the music it is abundantly clear that the people involved have a true passion for the music and sharing it with others.

The plan for Once More, Autumn is to release their self titled debut album on August 4th.  We had a chance to get a pre-release listen to the 6 track record and are truly thankful for that.  There is a beauty here that extends out beyond just the songs.  The opening title track “Once More, Autumn” sets the tone with a minimalistic sound using acoustic guitar and passionate vocals to draw the listener in close.  There is an exotic soundscape built on “Foals” with sounds seemingly coming at you from all angles while the singing voice bleeds of emotion.  The prettiness is undeniable.  The mellow vibe of “Cypress” continues this beauty with melodies tickling your eardrums while the heartfelt vocals come in for only a short while and are showered in reverb to produce a heartfelt sound.  The record closes with “Beyond The Pines”, a classic yet original sounding indie-folk song that sounds as if Once More, Autumn is performing it just for you.  Keep an ear out for the debut and more at:

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