A musician must always be changing and experimenting to create something that is truly their own and original.  We all obviously have influences and borrow ideas from other artists but we must be willing to take chances and mix our own sound out of this personal mixing pot.  We recently discovered Quest Of Method  who identify with this perfectly.


The Hip Hop duo hails from Scotland.  Honestly I have not heard much hip hop from that part of the world but it furthers my belief that every type of music is everywhere.  The group is made up of Bongo and Arr Cee.  Together they blend the beauty of old school rap flow formulas with exciting and ever changing beats.  Each track they release is unique but has that recognizable Quest Of Method sound.

The latest release from the group is The Next Level EP that come out back in February.  The 6 track record nods to some of hip hop’s best eras while staying fresh and eclectic.  The opener “Who Are They” leads with a hi-hat set beat but expands liberally through some odd sounds as the duo introduce themselves and the goals of Quest Of Method.  There is a full atmospheric background that creeps along as MC Bongo spits out an impressive flow of lyricism.  There is some anger heard through the scratches and straight ahead beat on “Watch Your Back” setting up that these two can go in any direction they so choose.  The production of “The Sum Of Us” stands out as Arr Cee plays with your mind through the speakers.  Quest Of Method seem to be on the right track crafting something that is unique yet brings back memories of hip hop classics.  Take a listen for yourself at: http://questofmethod.bandcamp.com/

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