Sometimes musical ideas can form in an artist’s head that do not really gel with the rest of the members of his band.  Luckily in this day, the musician can still get that idea to tape and share it with others that may like it.  This sometimes results in finding a like mind that can add to this musical direction and discover something that is even better.  An example of this is the recent formation of the musical project Race Against Fate.

Race Against Fate

Vik Kapur of the successful Toronto band Morning Fame had decided to write some songs to explore a more intimate, melodic and vocal oriented sound.  Sharing this direction with friend Jay Knapp has created some music that has gathered some attention.  We were able to get a listen to their debut single ‘Stolen Man’.  The song came together after Vik sent a demo to Jay and 20 minutes later they had a full song written and rushed to the studio to record it.

The song has a great live sounding feel with a cheerful yet distorted guitar and smooth vocals that are meant to be sung along with.  There is meaning behind the song as well as the lyrics tell a story of the effects of slavery.  This seems to be a good start and we have been told two other songs; ‘Stars And Stripes’ and ‘Out Of Sight’, are just about ready for release as well.  You can get a taste of Race Against Fate at:

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