These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road with Red Wanting Blue is a new documentary about Red Wanting Blue, a rock band from Ohio that is known as one of the top independent, yet unknown, bands in the country. The film follows the band as they record and release their eighth album in the hopes of finally getting a record deal — more than a decade after forming.  I always love watching war stories from the road of indie bands trying to make it.  They give everyone motivation and show what true dedication looks like.

Directed and produced by internationally known theater producer Ken Davenport, These Magnificent Miles is a powerful and gritty rock documentary about the big dreams of an underdog band. Critics have called Red Wanting Blue “the best underground independent rock band in the United States of America,” “one of the top unsigned bands in the country,” and a band that embodies “a commitment to career that many bands only hallucinate about.” But no matter how many records they sell, how much their fans love them, how many accolades from critics they receive, or how much they accomplish; it never seems to be enough. The film is an honest portrayal of the struggles that musicians go through to compete as the music industry changes, and it sheds a whole new light on Red Wanting Blue’s own metamorphosis from a group of small-town musicians to a well-known band with thousands of fans.
These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road with Red Wanting Blue is available on DVD at The film features never-before-seen concert footage, as well as interviews with the band members who have put their heart and soul into making music. This DVD is a must-have for music lovers, documentary enthusiasts, Red Wanting Blue fans, and anyone who has ever rooted for the underdog. It is also a great watch for other indie bands to gain inspiration and see the perils of life on the road. 


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