Sometimes a bunch of musicians get together for something very informal, like a one-off gig, and the magic happens and this group of very different people come together to form a complete unit of musical genius.  This seems to be the case with the band Repeat Radio.  When Tom Preisler, singer of the band Bombs, asked guitarist Dan Hollingsworth if he wanted to put together a quick 6 song set for an upcoming show, they never could have known what it would turn into.  They brought in a few other acquaintances and started practicing for this short notice show.  That show never actually happened, but something clicked and the boys have been playing the Toronto area pretty regularly ever since.

Recently Repeat Radio has released a 5 song record that they are calling The Sloppy Sessions EP.  It is an alternative indie rock album that showcases some quality songwriting.  With Dan being from Manchester, England, you can definitely hear that his guitar playing was influenced by bands such as Oasis and Interpol.  The song ‘Stuck on Something’ has an almost bluesy guitar feel with starts and stops that only talented musicians can do well.  The vocal straining of Tom is strong and even sweet when you hear the chorus.  The speed rocker ‘Spontaneous’ may be the best song on the album.  Excellent guitar picking and a driving rhythm section led by Dave Huegle’s cymbal heavy drumming push the song forward with a frantic pace.

Bottom line: This is a good start for Repeat Radio and shows potential for bigger things.  The songwriting skills are there.  As the band plays more and more together the music will get even tighter and possibly get some mainstream rock attention.

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