There are tons of musicians out there that say they are dedicated to making it with their music.  Unfortunately a lot of that is just talk and as soon as they hit a little trouble the excuses start to come and their dream gets further and further away.  The power of believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals means more than anything else in the music business.  One artist that has figured this out is our latest find, Richard The Rock Star.  We welcome you to his world.

Richard’s music is an upbeat mix of rock, hip hop, and club music.  He seems to bring the best of each of these genres to create a sound that is all his own.  What really makes RTRS special though is his work ethic.  He is out there working every day to expose his name and music to the world.  He has developed a persona that people want to get close to and be part of his success.  He is consistently performing at popular nightclubs with a live show that is exciting and memorable.  He has also already produced 4 music videos and garnered over 200,000 views on his YouTube channel.  He cites his positivity and optimism as major parts of his success.

Last year he put out his debut Rockstar Lifestyle that has been blowing up.  Next month Richard The Rock Star will be releasing his second record, the We Make The Club Rock Mixtape.  Songs like ‘Hot Right Now’ keep up with the fun of bands like LMFAO.  Other tracks like ‘She Drops It To The Floor’ show off Richard’s rapping ability.  One of my favorite songs is the track ‘Before I Fall’.  It starts with a poppin’ club beat yet gives room to breakdown into a beautifully lyric driven track explaining how RTRS really feels about his fans and his career.  This is a man who knows what he wants and is well on his way to getting it.  It is a party that everyone should be a part of, or as Richard says “Sit back, and enjoy the show man.”

When you are ready to join the party check out RichardtheRockStar at:

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