One of the true joys of music for me is finding music different from what the mainstream is doing.  I admire mashups of different styles that have rarely been done before, but not trying to be so different that it just sounds strange.  Many of the artists that pursue this have no real dream of being rich and famous but instead just want to bring new music into the world.  There is something beautiful and pure about this.  Our latest find fits this description well.  Let us introduce you to Affinitia.

Tim Urlacher is the sole brain behind the music and artwork that is Affinitia.  This is someone with a true passion for what he does.  To quote Tim “The moments that I am drawing, animating, creating, writing, singing, these are the moments that I live for.”  He does dream of the day when he can just focus on this and not having to worry about the perils of paying for everyday life.  Being from Montana may have pushed him to become more of a self-sufficient artist without having to rely on others for inspiration.  What he has created is an interesting mix of folk guitar rock with elements of electronica added to make it like nothing you have heard before.

His latest album, and second release of 2012, is the enigmatic Do We Go Wrong?  It is an example of what one man with true dedication can produce all by himself.  The record begins with the folk guitar track ‘Blue Skies’.  This is a simple mellow track that lets the listener focus on the meaningful lyrics and realize that Affinitia has much to say about the world around him.  ‘Cruisin Cross Country’ is a punk guitar influenced song that Tim plays acoustically making it warm yet crunchy at the same time.  The standout track of the album has to be ‘In A Ditch’.  The electronic soundscape created makes for a complete song of blips and bleeps behind the well sung lyrics of a man unafraid to explore.

Bottom Line: Affinitia has created something special with Do We Go Wrong?  The beauty of meaningful lyrics with elegant guitar work behind it makes for a very listenable record.

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