It is not uncommon for talented musicians to go through many years of playing and performing without ever finding the right mix of band members to form a complete band.  This sometimes produces egos and breaks apart lesser bands.  But when all the right pieces fall into place something great can happen and a super group can be formed.  This seems to be the story with the band we came across today.  Let us introduce you to Tears Of Fire.

It took a while for Jack (vocals), Brian (bass), and Greg (guitar) to find each other but when they did they picked up just like they were still in the hard rocking 80’s.  Tears Of Fire cites major influence by bands such as Iron Maiden, Journey, and Dokken.  This is a band that has the musical talent to fit right in with the legends of that time but may have found each other a little late.  Together they may be able to bring you back to an earlier time when rock was wild and had no limits.  They must be hitting a nerve because they are now in talks with Tate Music Group and Attack Media Group to get a distribution deal for their music.

Tears Of Fire is now preparing to release the album Wings Of Isis.  Be prepared to be taken back in time.  The opening title track has the essential spooky opening before diving headfirst into powerful guitar and vocal performances.  ‘Vampire Nights’ is a fun song that bounces between impressive guitar licks and over the top vocals while telling an interesting, if not slightly corny story.  One of the best tracks on the record is ‘Can’t Take Anymore’.  Each band member shows off impressive skill with his instrument and the crunch of the whole song forces your head to bang up and down.

Bottom Line: Tears Of Fire is a wonderful band to check out if you yearn for the hard rocking 80’s. This is power metal at its finest, just maybe a few years too late to be accepted by the masses.  Go get your fix at:



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