I now have a fetish for something connected with St. Petersburg, Russia that has nothing to do with an author named Dostoyevsky. Let me introduce you to the band Cat’s Park. Their music has been designated as “psychedelic trip hop.” I wasn’t sure what to make of that description (and I’m still not), but one thing I’m certain of – listening to Cat’s Park is a truly wonderful experience.

From the opening, subtle piano riff of the lead-off song “Your Love is a Sin” the listener enters an other-worldly atmosphere of soundscapes on a venture through ambient, experimental vistas of enjoyment. It really is wonderful.  Try to imagine, if you can, the Irish band Clannad performing covers from Dark Side of the Moon (ironically, this EP was mastered at Abby Road studios – where the Floyd classic was also recorded). Along with this, mix in the flavor of some indie-alternative, minimalist rock, and you’re tapping into the world of Cat’s Park (note, the songs on this particular EP are sung in English, though I’m not certain I wouldn’t enjoy it in any language!). The album takes a person on an ethereal listening trip that’s never abrasive, but never “easy.” Dark moments are balanced by hopeful vibes such as the melody/lyrics found in the track “Brand New Days.” Lighter moments stand juxtaposed to musical segments such as what’s found in the darker, extended, almost epic number “Time to Quit.” Did I mention it’s wonderful?
The closing track, appropriately entitled “Closer,” wraps up this all-to-brief album with a groove that’s very different from what precedes it – while still not being in any way obtrusive. In fact, this almost Sade-gone-alternative piece is one of my favorites of this five-song collection. It’s meditative, experimental, relaxing, yet edgy. It’s wonderful.
Venture into Cat’s Park and experience this wonderful, indie-ambient rock for yourself at:



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  1. Tim

    Wow these guys are great! Thanks for sharing.