It happens often that a talented artist has talents in more than just one area.  We see it all the time with pop stars taking their turn at acting and sometimes vice versa.  Sometimes it works like Justin Timberlake going from boy band to high level actor.  Sometimes it doesn’t like actor David Hasselhoff putting out multiple records.  I came across a man today that has his feet in both areas and may be able to reach dual success.  Let us introduce you to Jeff Caponigro.

Jeff is a singer, songwriter and recording artist, as well as an accomplished feature film, television and stage actor.  He has recently acted in films such as Real Steel and The Politics Of Street Crime.  He is known for having quite an acting range and can play a variety of roles.  His music style is quite varied as well.  Some of his influences are Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Alice Cooper, and Bruce Springsteen.

Jeff Caponigro has been putting out singles over the past year through iTunes to see what sticks.  He has a way of taking previously recorded songs and putting his spin on them to create something fresh and new.  In fact, Jeff’s cover of the Elvis Presley song ‘Put the Blame on Me’ was listed as the most popular version of the song on iTunes, even ahead of the original Elvis version.  Another interesting track is the dirty blues rock ‘I Wish I Never Knew Your Name’.  Jeff growls out the lyrics telling the story of a failed romance.  This really shows how he can adjust his vocal style to fit any song put in front of him.

Bottom Line: Jeff Caponigro is a man of many talents.  I’m excited to see which of his careers takes off first and can only hope he stays with the other career as well.  To learn more about Jeff go to:

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