One of the most important aspects of growing as an artist is collaboration.  There is so much to learn from dealing with other people and your music.  Whether it be different styles or just little tricks that the other artist has picked up along the way it becomes another tool in the learning experience.  Our discovery Ricky Lance gets a grasp of this and is taking it for all it is worth.

Ricky Lance

Based in Arizona, the 19 year old rising star has been at it seemingly forever.  At a young age Ricky Lance fell in love with the storytelling aspect of poetry and song writing.  He has made a habit of experimenting with other artist and styles to advance his own original sound.

The latest track by Ricky Lance is “Paradise” where he joined forces with Taylor Bennett.  The silky smooth R&B song is sprinkled with sounds of a tropical paradise and trills to add to the power.  Lance has a voice that can mellow a weary mind while Taylor Bennett adds a fast paced electricity that turns the track on its head.  This keeps the listener guessing and more importantly paying attention the whole way through.  Go get a listen to “Paradise” and some more Ricky Lance sounds at:

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