Living the independent music life will always be a difficult one but the freedom that it provides to create the music that you feel within without the restrictions of music label honchos hanging over your head is priceless.  If you are willing to put in the hard work and learn about all the aspects of the music business then why not do it yourself?  A good example is our recent find Rotten Skee.

Rotten Skee

Born and raised on the streets of Atlanta, Rotten Skee formed a tough style with many experiences to call on for inspiration.  There are tones of the city, raps from the country and themes that allow the listener to connect and relate to the music.  The music is powerful and Rotten Skee is not afraid to tackle the controversial issues on people’s minds.  Skee teamed up with Rotten Rob to start the Rotten Empire Record label to showcase the innovative styles that they are bringing to the table.  

Recently the label released the Rotten Skee project RAW.  Rotten And Wealthy.  The mixtape contains 14 tracks that show off the diversity and power that Rotten Empire is bringing to the streets.  The tape opens with the dark tones of “Sweet Dreamer”.  The sample of the Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dreams creeping in the background sets the tone for a deep experience.  On “That Boy Crazy” there is a powerful beat that hypes up any crowd while Rotten Skee rolls about what it is he does and the reasons he does it.  It is all on the table for everyone to hear.  The power continues on “War” as the vocal talents of Leshi are brought in to help.  There is a touch of anger in the song that translates well to the listener.  There is some experimentation on “Krack” as the flows are spit hot and hard while exotic sounds come at you from all angles.  The records closes with 4 different freestyle tracks that highlight the rhyming skills of everyone involved with the Rotten Empire label.  To learn more about Rotten Skee, please visit 


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