Some individuals are just born with a creative flow within them. Thoughts are constantly rolling around inside the minds of these people and an outlet is needed or the individual will seem insane to society. Let’s face it, some of the most talented artist in history were quite mad in their own right. Lucky it seems that our latest find Rudy Simone has found the outlets to express herself and will stay sane, for the time.

Rudy Simone

Hailing from upstate New York, Rudy Simone is already an accomplished author, and amateur filmmaker. Now this eclectic artist has her sights set on sharing her music with the world. She strives not only for beauty in her music but in emotive strength and inspiration. There is much she can do with her unique voice and the styles she brings to the table to meld into something that is all her own.

Recently Rudy Simone released the album Gothic Blues. The album title itself is meant to show her dualism as an artist that can combine the nocturnal aesthetics of the goth scene with emotional warmth of the blues. Opener “Take Me Back Home” is the perfect blend with a dark musical feel mixed with bluesy vocals and lyrics that could be set to a straight 4 beat blues song, if for a lack of imagination. The mix works well and makes for a sweet listen. Rudy shows off her sultry voice on “The Box And The Machine”. The soundscape painted behind her voice seems complex and minimalistic at the same time. The focus on her voice leads to a relaxing trancelike state. The stripped down title track “Gothic Blues” closes the record with a beautifully rendered acoustic guitar melody that acts like a lullaby to ease the weary mind. This is a deep emotional listen that will leave you slightly changed by the time you reach the end of the album. Enjoy it for yourself at:

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