Sarantos Honors ‘911 & The Fallen’

911 & the Fallen

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 many people will stop and reflect on the day that changed the American way of life, and the world. In an instant, millions of people were affected, and thousands more rose up and took action. 

Lyricist/Singer/Songwriter Sarantos took this moment, the 20 year anniversary of that fateful day to pen a heart-felt tribute to those we lost, 911 & the Fallen. A reflection of those heroes whom rose above the theatrics, the media coverage, and the fear and helped bring America back from this tragedy. Presented in a slow-tempo rap, this hip-hop track utilizes a deliberate time signature to assist in driving the seriousness and severity of the message. “We should never forget, lives lost, burning. Let’s remember the fallen, let’s remember 911, and the fallen.” 

Typically channelling his wit to capture satire, Sarantos is known for his tongue and cheek way of delivering a message. However, with 911 & the Fallen, Sarantos leaves the witticism behind and presents his thesis is a clear, professional, and mature performance. Musically, 911 & the Fallen has a deep funk bass groove to maintain the melody while the percussion simulates the heartbeat of the American people as the calm turns to panic, and the sorrow brings the beat back down to a morose pace to assist in this reflection. With this clever tempo changes throughout the piece, coupled with the narrative recounting the events, the audience is entertained, but more so appreciative that these memories will not be lost, as artist like Sarantos helps preserve the impact it had on the country. 

Accompanied with an expressive lyric video, Sarantos is very tasteful in the images he presents, as he is not looking for shock value, but rather truly wants to use his art, and medium as a tribute to those fallen.

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