Ri Wolf Premieres ‘Slide’ From upcoming Strawberry Fields EP

Ri Wolf

Hard working musicians can be a resourceful lot. Challenges will always arise. It is the job of the artist to figure out a solution. This past year and a half has perhaps been the most challenging time ever for the performing musician but it seems as if our recent discovery Ri Wolf found a solution that has set his career on the right track. 

Hailing from South Texas, the singer-songwriter has spent years developing his soulful sound. Ri Wolf claims influence from such luminaries as Ben Harper, John Mayer, and Tracy Chapman. Putting a story to song is one of his strengths as he meshes in elements of Country, Blues and some Folk for the try Ri Wolf sound.

While we were all stuck in a pandemic fueled lockdown, Ri Wolf took the time to write, record, and release a steady stream of music. Starting in October of 2020, he consistently released a new single each month. The fans were eager for fresh music and the songs caught on to the tune of over 100,000 streams. The resurgence of a career was happening in full force.

Premiere of ‘Slide’ by Ri Wolf

Now on October 8th, 2021, Ri Wolf will release  his debut EP Strawberry Fields. The 6 track record furthers his soulful and genuine sound in a complete package. The opener “Slide,” which is the lead single released today September 10th, is just a beautiful piece of music. An elegant guitar  pairs with an electronic beat perfectly. The soulful vocal strength of Ri Wolf is shown off here as well.

The title track “Strawberry Fields” expands the depth of the sound even further. Multiple genres come together as the lyrical delivery speeds up with some grit behind it. Emotions are there but there seems to be some angst there as well. The emotion remains but there is more romance on “Kristen.” The sound turns heavily towards Texas Country with sweet slide guitar and lyrics that let us in to feel the love in his heart.

We dive into another mesh of sound with “Sinner” as a danceable beat turns up the energy. For a one man show Ri Wolf covers all the bases with pro production. Everything comes together perfectly as our hearts beat a little faster with the listen. As we reach the closer “Texas Rose” the blood is still flowing even with a more stripped down track. The acoustic strumming and emotional singing lets the focus be on the true talent that Ri Wolf is. This is a real songwriter that can shine alone or within an assortment of colorful sounds. These songs all deserve multiple listens to take in the lyrics and live the story again.

Keep an eye and ear out for this rising star on his Website and socials: 

Website 🌎 https://www.riwolfmusic.com

Instagram 📸 http://www.instagram.com/riwolfmusic 

Twitter 🐦 https://twitter.com/riwolfmusic?lang=en

YouTube 📺https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxYoEgM2UPYM19qC_wsQvCQ

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