There is a past in every one of us. The past shapes us. It defines us. The past helps mold and ultimately decide who we are as well as what we become. There are lessons sometimes learned but sometimes forgotten. There is good in the past but ultimately there is also pain although it may lie buried.  Our freind Sarantos shares his thoughts on “Pain Of The Past”


His first single of the year is a deep and powerful rock track that pours out energy.  This song is a powerful reminder that the past will never go away but that’s okay. Sarantos is not afraid of what he is today. Sarantos remembers the past. The past, both good and bad, has colored his shadow. There is a sincere acceptance of the sins of the past while continuing to persevere in this race of life while ultimately striving to become a better person. The road travelled is bumpy but Sarantos unique journey continues in this new year of 2016.


“This is an emotional rock song about the past” says Sarantos. “This is about someone who keeps remembering the moments gone by. They remember the stain of the past. The pain of the past casts a shadow that light or time cannot fade! Why does the past never goes away? Why is the past here to stay? The past is powerful but we should not be afraid of it. We shouldn’t keep it repressed. The past and all the good and bad things we have done molded us into what we are. Hopefully, we learn from the mistakes and keep waking up every day just trying to do the right thing.”
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