During my career both in and out of bands (and even the military) one place I never ended up was in the state of Montana.  It is a huge state, 4th in area in the US, but lacks the crowds, 44th in US population.  This must create a lot of beautiful open space that would be great to inspire music.  When I did a quick search the only musician I found that was from the state is Jeff Ament, bassist of Pearl Jam.  This was hard for me to believe but I found a band lately that might change that.  Let me introduce you to Shell Shock Lullaby.

shell shock lullab

The alternative rock band was formed in Butte, Montana in September of 2010 and has been creating quite a local stir.  The scene is a little remote but Shell Shock Lullaby has played festivals such as Rock Fest 2011, Evel Knievel Days and the IAFF MG Rally in 2012.  This has given them the experience to expand their sound while making it quite unique.  SSL hooked up with producer Tyler Monks, and Scot Alexander, the bassist of Dishwalla to write and record some new music.  Plans are to release a self-titled EP in the winter of 2013.

Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen to a couple of the songs and can see some potential.  The rollicking rock track ‘Waiting For A Lie’ has an interesting guitar flow that keeps the listener transfixed while focusing on the emotion filled vocals.  The change up in the bridge shows off the talent of the musicians here.  The other song, ‘Crimson Sky’ has an almost progressive feel added to a strong modern rock track.  The driving beat pushes the song along building up energy to the big time chorus.  The raw passion is obvious and can push this band forward no matter where they are from.  Get a listen for yourself at: http://www.reverbnation.com/shellshocklullaby

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