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Bruce Sudano Shares His “Fatal Love”

Bruce Sudano can’t seem to release a new single without attracting a lot of buzz, and in this regard, his song “Fatal Love” and its accompanying music video are no different. Although “Fatal Love” is supported by a folk-pop-style harmony, its beat feels more like that of a soft rock track than it does anything

Bruce Sudano Takes You “In Shadowland”

There are a lot of different ways to make a song cerebral and even a little mind-bending, and rather than taking a traditionally psychedelic route with the cultivation of his new single “In Shadowland,” Bruce Sudano wanted to be a little more thoughtful – and perhaps twice as provocative with his results – as the

Climb “The Mountain” With Bruce Sudano

A simple melody comes flowing from the speakers as one playful image after another rolls across the screen before us in the new music video for the single from Bruce Sudano “The Mountain,” but as spellbinding and genuinely inspiring as this unaggressive translation of vibrant harmonies into stirring visualizations is, it’s the guitar-laden music in