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Dejhare Speaks Up on ‘Plead The Fifth’

In what has been a very challenging year and a half we have needed music more than ever. The power of music is undeniable. It can be used as a healing agent as well as a unifier. Exactly what we need right now. Our recent find Dejhare believes in this wholeheartedly and recently released her

Celiane The Voice Opens Up Her ‘Inner Universe’

Making unique music should always be the goal for any artist. Never let specific genre boundaries limit you. Our friend Celiane The Voice has continued to develop her fresh genre. New single “Inner Universe Reloaded” takes her music even further. We caught up with the truly imaginative artist for an interview: It has been an

Get ‘Toxic’ With Tai Mistyque

When an artist understands they were given a gift to create and perform, it is their job to share that with others. Everyone must play their part to create a better world for all. Our recent find Tai Mistyque has accepted this mission and continues to share with her latest single “Toxic.” The singer and