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VIVIAN Says ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’

The duo of Alana Rolfe and Timo Massa form VIVIAN together. The sounds of VIVIAN are enigmatic and alluring. Seeking to explore different textures and emotions, on their newest album Pressure Makes Diamonds they layer psychedelic and glitched-out stylings over crisp hip-hop inspired beats and smooth vocals. They describe themselves in a cryptic fashion and

Pat Reilly Gets Dark in “Prince of the Night”

Pat Reilly’s debut EP Prince of the Night is an electronic pop album made up of reverberant synths and reflective lyrics. Created during the pandemic, the EP’s five tracks trace how Reilly feels about himself, his relationships, and the state of the world around him. Each song adds layers to the narrative of Reilly’s experiences.

Nothing Gets Going Like Somme’s “Goin’ On”

Somme is a conduit for alternative pop, multi-instrumentalist and San Diego native, Jordan Cantor to further explore her passions in singing and songwriting. Her musical career began after she taught herself guitar at age six. This then led her to pen songs only a few years later. Cantor moved to LA when she was 18