Pat Reilly Gets Dark in “Prince of the Night”

Pat Reillys debut EP Prince of the Night is an electronic pop album made up of reverberant synths and reflective lyrics. Created during the pandemic, the EP’s five tracks trace how Reilly feels about himself, his relationships, and the state of the world around him.

Each song adds layers to the narrative of Reilly’s experiences. Together they culminate into a tumultuous yet hopeful story that mirrors the thoughts of many others living through the pandemic. “Who U R,” the final track of the EP, is a dark and raspy track that embraces electropop and R&B. The song’s mantra is the line, “We gotta work with what we got.” It’s not just a track about self-acceptance, it’s about working through adversity in a way that’s true to yourself. It’s very much a song that plays into the current moment.

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“Let’s Fight” is a softer and slower track that builds into dynamic vocals and the meshing of glittery, surreal sounds. Like “Who U R,” it is about feeling and facing difficulties. Ultimately, “Let’s Fight” is a love song that examines the messier moments of romance. But there are many different sides to love, and Reilly doesn’t shy away from them. With a dance beat that’s sexy and thrilling, Prince of the Night needs no further explanation.

Pat Reilly is a singer, songwriter, and performer. As a queer artist, he works to inject authentic queer narratives into what he creates. There’s no better example of this than the art for Prince of the Night.

The EP’s cover taps into both a seductive and powerful energy. The cover depicts Reilly posed in tights with a chest harness and matching gloves. It’s an outfit that incorporates queer style with the idea of an alter ego. For Reilly, the artwork was an ode to the power of female superheroes like Storm and Mystique.

Provocative and powerful

While all of the tracks on Prince of the Night have a certain power to them, “Act of Love” and “Adamantine” have a definitive honesty that feels especially provocative. “Act of Love,” the opening track, is an ambient, slow-paced song about self-growth. Throughout the song is the sound of kids at recess and the pivotal line of the song: “Being honest with yourself is an act of love.”

“Adamantine” has a more subtle sound, but that doesn’t make it any less dynamic. It opens with steadfast chords that pace the track and give variance to the EP. It goes on to showcase some impressive vocals, making this track emotionally explosive.

Reilly’s EP is an impressive and uplifting look at the unique challenges that came with such a strange year. It’s a reminder that being powerful is about finding solutions and staying true to yourself. For any electronic pop listeners looking for an album with art and introspection at its center, Prince of the Night is just what you’re looking for.

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