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Elajah Mouhammed

Elajah Mouhammed is a groundbreaking New York artist, who was born in the Bronx and now finds himself in Queens. Facing challenges at a young age, Elajah has overcome the odds to make his impact on the music industry. Elajah’s music pushes the boundaries of uncommon topics, often talking about abnormal or taboo subjects in his music, while sharing many different perspectives of the world. His latest project ‘Survival of the Fittest’ will take you on a musical journey that leaves you wanting even more. 

How would describe your musical style? 

I’d have to describe it as Hip-Hop and Rap. I like to mess around with the normal conventions of my genre and switch it up every time though. It’s exciting to keep everyone on their heels.

What are three things you look for when you see an artist play live? 

Energy is really important to me. I think the more likely an artist is to lose himself in the music and on stage that night, the more likely the fans will too. They’re the most important reason you do it. Set design is a really important thing for me as well. I really love how creative our generation has become their set pieces at shows now. I can’t forget about the artist to fan connection either. These people come from all over to stand for hours and watch you perform. This is an escape from their everyday life and an opportunity for them to join a special musical community. The artist’s that understand the importance of this always seem to have the most success. 

What’s a song you have stuck in your head these days? 

A song I just can’t seem to get out of my head at the moment is “Guard Your Heart” by Big Sean. I think this song is a testimony of what the world is like right now in 2020 and how it feels to be a black man in America. 

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Honestly this might be one of the hardest questions to answer because sometimes I don’t really know myself. Inspiration for me can come from the weirdest places, whether it’s from watching a really cool show or thinking of memories from my childhood. I’ve created some great tracks just from the conversations I have with my friends. As an artist there are so many opportunities to pause and create. 

What misconceptions do people have about NYC artists? 

The biggest misconception about NY artists is that we all make the same music. I think people don’t realize how versatile the city truly is. NYC is a mixing pot of cultures and lifestyles, so it’s only right that the music being created here isn’t the same. That’s why you can have a group like OH Wonder in a borough right next to a guy like Dave East and music that sounds completely different. 

What challenges have you faced in the music industry so far? 

Coronavirus. For the entire industry to go into such a major lock down, things became even more difficult for independent artists. Networking became somewhat non-existent but the industry is starting to adapt, so that’s exciting to see. 

Tell us a bit about your upcoming release ‘Survival of the Fittest’. 

Survival Of The Fittest is a project about facing your trauma. Whether it’s the trauma you get from other people or the trauma you may give other people. The project is a story about living with it and dealing with it the best way you can. 

Who is Elajah Mouhammed and what does his story and music represent? 

Elajah Mouhammed is a regular kid from Queens. His music represents people like him and those who share a similar story. My goal is to be the voice for people who talk about the things we all feel but are too scared to speak on and change. Music has helped me grow into the person I am, so with every song I write and record I try to provide some musical therapy for any listener that needs a break. 

What are some of your short-term and long-term goals in the music industry? 

Short term I’d like to be on tour and shaking a million hands (from a safe social distance of course). Long term I just want to be remembered as one of the greats and have a career that people can look at and be inspired by. Hopefully the next kid can follow in my footsteps but get there an easier way.

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