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If you haven’t found yourself consumed with dread, fear, and anxiety at some point over the last eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic then you’re probably a robot. Isolation and uncertainty have left lingering effects on the masses. It’s no surprise that artists trapped in isolation have turned to the only thing they can do, which is to create new music. D2UR, a no-frills rock band from Winnipeg, Canada that did exactly that. “Slippin’ Away” is the latest from D2UR and perfectly encapsulates the COVID-19 experience.

Prior to the quarantine from COVID-19, D2UR was taking some much needed time for R&R in Palm Springs. Returning to Canada to a complete shut-down forced D2UR founders, Mike and Diane Isbister, to have some uncomfortable down time. “Slippin’ Away” was created from that period of time. Diane set down a little guitar lick that sparked inspiration for the two of them, and they set to work.

“The song truly catches the essence of the tragedy the world has gone through during the pandemic. How we wish we could return to what we had.” – D2UR

Yearning to return back to what was ‘normal,’ “Slippin’ Away” focuses on the strain that this pandemic has placed on everyone. There’s an undeniable fire within this track. Diane’s vocals are full of energy, carrying the angst that is felt by so many right now. The instrumentals for the song are raw and organic, matching Diane’s energy perfectly.

“Slippin’ Away” is the first D2UR track that every member contributed to. The result of their hard work together is a song that allows each of it’s members to shine. Every sound plays an important role in the ultimate delivery of the track, helping to tell the story.

Let yourself get lost in the moment as you relate to the story D2UR is sharing. “Slippin’ Away” proves that there is only going to continue to be growth from D2UR.

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