D2UR Are Ready To “Live Again”

D2UR is is back with a new single “Live Again,” staying true to their own rocking sound. Having evolved from a cover band to an original modern rock band, D2UR have an understanding of rock that they have used to write their own songs since 2010. With some powerful releases the Canadian band has earned a place among modern independent rock acts. They are looking forward with new singles releasing in 2022, “Live Again” is the latest with a story about getting back on your feet and living your life again.

Inspired by the desire for things to get back to normal after the pandemic, this song is a liberating anthem. “Live Again” went through multiple iterations while recording, but when coming back to the original the band came to what we have today. Full of energy and feelings most of us can identify with, this track looks to be an essential part of D2UR’s discography.

Listen To “Live Again” Here

The guitars build anticipation up, acoustic and electric blend together. The chorus explodes with energy, chants of “Unleash yourself” will invigorate any listener. The drums lay a straightforward rhythm down, but also add a lot of texture with fills. A guitar solo features slide guitar with lots of swagger, creating a captivating duet with lead singer Diane Isbister’s vocals.

“Live Again” is the latest single from D2UR, if you enjoyed it check out some of their previous work. Their previous albums Rev U Up and Tic Toc have established the Canadian band as a force to be reckoned with in the independent rock scene.

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