D2UR is back with ‘Right Now’


There is nothing more exciting for us here at Indie Band Guru than to see the growth and continued success of the artists we cover on our pages. Obviously the last couple years have had a damaging effect on the independent music scene overall. Too many great bands fell to the wayside by not being able to support themselves with live shows and fan growth. One survivor that we are super happy about is D2UR.

The Winnipeg based Canadian band is the brainchild of husband and wife team Mike and Diane Isbister. Writing and performing together since the early 1990s. The songwriting and performing got better and better and eventually D2UR was formed with the addition of John Colburn (bass), David-Sikorski Thorn (guitar), and Stephen Broadhurst (drums).

Back in 2020, we covered the release of “Slippin’ Away” by D2UR with some fanfare as they kept us going in the early days of the pandemic. While that song was working its way around the airwaves, another track was formulated but put on the shelf to deal with all the curveballs the world was throwing at us all. Fortunately “Right Now” has made its way to us now.

Listen to D2UR “Right Now”

D2UR released the new “Right Now” single on October 1st. The song was just an intro when Mike and Diane decided to dive back into the files and finish it off. The basics of the song were then sent digitally to the rest of the band to add their flavor. The result is a smooth rock track with a call to have things return to normal after the wild swings in our now changed world. 

A slick drum opens the track before some big guitar strums and a grooving bassline creep in to flesh out the sound. Diane provides here impassioned vocals that are a D2UR standard. The emotion can be felt in her cry for answers and a better future. Some epic rock guitar solos show off the talent that is present in the band as a whole. This is blues-rock with meaning and passion. 

This band is far from done and has big plans on the horizon. Keep up with everything D2UR on their website at https://d2ur.net.

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