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D2UR Want You To ‘Remember My Name’

You never know when inspiration will strike. Maybe you’re at the grocery store, in yoga class, or on the drive home? When inspiration strikes, though, it’s important to embrace it completely and see where it takes you. Our friends from D2UR took this to heart with their latest release. D2UR call themselves a “no frills

D2UR is back with ‘Right Now’

There is nothing more exciting for us here at Indie Band Guru than to see the growth and continued success of the artists we cover on our pages. Obviously the last couple years have had a damaging effect on the independent music scene overall. Too many great bands fell to the wayside by not being

Steph Lyon Will Always ‘Keep It Moving’

Oftentimes, being an artist requires some tough skin. Not everyone is going to like the art you create. And that is perfectly fine. Art, and especially music, is subjective. The key is to make music that you like. Do it for yourself and be consistent. You will find your tribe of fans that like what