Steph Lyon Will Always ‘Keep It Moving’

Steph Lyons

Oftentimes, being an artist requires some tough skin. Not everyone is going to like the art you create. And that is perfectly fine. Art, and especially music, is subjective. The key is to make music that you like. Do it for yourself and be consistent. You will find your tribe of fans that like what you do. Our recent find, Steph Lyon, makes music for himself without any worries.

Born and raised in Ireland, the talented rapper relocated to Ottawa, Canada, with his team to open up more opportunities. Steph Lyon uses all his focus on sharing his unique approach to hip-hop. With a signature Drill Trap sound and focused on mindful living, something different is being created. Different is difficult for some people to accept. Steph Lyon believes his time should not be spent negatively or listening to people bash his art and has no time for fake people or just do not understand what he is trying to do.

The newest release by Steph Lyon is his Keep It Moving EP. The goal of the 6-track record is to encourage others to be who they are and disregard all those who might not agree or speak negatively about one’s journey. The opening title track, “KEEP IT MOVING,” starts us off with a smooth melodic beat with Steph laying down his in-your-face vocals on top. No punches are held back in the explicit lyrics.

‘Pick & Choose’ by Steph Lyon

“Pick & Choose” continues this mood. A beat sits back as the lyrics take the lead. They are delivered with a fast pace and Steph Lyon’s interesting accent. The beats step up on “Outside” with a more aggressive style. After getting pulled in with some mellow melodies, the energy grows.

The album closer “Talk Like That” does more experimentation with samples and interesting sounds. This one will get your feet tapping along. The vocals continue to be delivered smoothly but with lyrics that wake you up with their fierceness.

We could see big things coming from Steph Lyon as he continues to develop. Keep an eye out HERE.

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