Let Ellis Evason finish off your summer With ‘SUMMER_PAK’

In hip-hop’s ever-evolving landscape, there’s a feeling of the impending arrival of something new. Hailing from Swindon, UK, Ellis Evason feels like the man for the job upon releasing his soulful expression in his latest 4-track EP, ‘SUMMER_PAK.’

Evason’s journey found a recent milestone in the form of the track  “Lipstick,” a standout single that not only showcased his lyrical finesse but also boasted a collaboration with none other than his childhood hero, Benjamin Wuamett of Ezra Bell. This confidence boost is well deserved and translates into his new drop. 

Smooth Out The Summer With Ellis Evason

Within each composition of ‘SUMMER_PAK,’ we uncover chapters of the artist’s inner beliefs – a collection of what feels like self-addressed love letters, crafted in notes and beats. These tracks are laced with positive energy, reminiscent of sun-drenched escapades – a symphony of colours that crafts a mosaic of self-assurance and unapologetic confidence. Evason calls for celebrating individuality.

This EP is more than just a catchy refrain; it holds within it a feeling of transformation. ‘SUMMER_PAK’ whisks the listener from winter’s embrace to the warm embrace of summer’s kiss. Each beat is a step towards warmth, every verse a promise of sunlit adventures. Evason fashions lyrics of empowerment and discovery. The EP unfolds with inspiring themes of optimism, all while delivered with a tongue-in-cheek quality that you can’t help raising a smirk at. 

Through the enchanting melodies and resonant verses, the artist beckons us to revel in the rhythm of self-love, inviting us to savour and nurture our very own. 

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