Les Fradkin Lets Us In With His ‘Artist Kit Sampler’

Artist Kit Sampler

With a bubbling talent for writing and performing uplifting tracks, multi-instrumentalist Les Fradkin has released his studio album Artist Kit Sampler, which explores the artist’s passion for the state of the world, both good and bad. 

His tracks ‘God Bless California (Oooh L.A.)’ and ‘Everything is Wrong’ work in juxtaposition painting opposite images of where we live. The former celebrates the Californian sun and how everything is better in the Golden State while the latter highlights how complicated the world really is. It reflects upon the evil rooted in global corporations while the rest of humanity has to simply keep their heads down and avoid trouble. 

Artist Kit Sampler feels reminiscent of the 70s both in sound and in theme. Throughout the flare-laden decade, musicians used their art to express their distaste for the “system” and unfairness of our existence. Fradkin pulls that notion into 2023, creating an album that forces you to dwell. 

The album’s final track ‘Under the Covers’ is a perfect conclusion. Despite all the horror, the love, the worry, and the passion Fradkin demonstrates throughout the runtime, he reminds us that all we truly have is each other as he invites his lover to join him under the covers. What are we to do except love each other to our fullest capabilities? 

Find more Les Fradkin and ‘Artist Kit Sampler’ HERE.

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