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“Ride” Along With LAPP’s Latest Single

Equipped mainly with his sorrowful piano chords and yearning vocals, LAPP introduced the last, rainy April weekend with a single and an EP. The single, entitled ‘Ride,’ matches the somber ambiance of the recent weather perfectly. London seems to be pouring out artists with an ear for soulful incantations and the collective spirit of the

Dave Vargo Teases ‘This Time Around’

In anticipation of his second full-length solo album, singer/songwriter Dave Vargo is releasing a pre-release, two-song teaser EP that sports all of the gentle, airy rhythm and smoke-stained vocals speaking nothing but honest wisdom that he’s become so well-known for. The songs, “This Time Around” and “Battle Burns,” may be only a taste of what’s

BYSTS Take Us To ‘Dreamland’

Post-punk duo BYSTS showcase their talents in their latest release Dreamland. Dreamland, the duo’s latest EP, is a great testament to their talent. The duo combines the talents of Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow to bring us a unique combination of sounds. The duo’s unmatchable sound is the result of bending the rigid lines which define