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“Chapters” is the debut song off of Sami Fong‘s new self-titled EP. Written during her freshman year of college, Sami recollects the challenges of long distance relationships. A beautifully soft acoustic version of her previously released “Chapters”, the lyrics are still comforting and hopeful.

“our closing chapters make us start new ones, into the light we shoot for the stars”

“I wrote the line to show the beginning of me processing that it’s normal to have a transition into something completely new.” – Sami Fong

The Video For “Chapters”

I think everyone can relate to the feelings Sami is speaking to. Growing up, we move away from friends, family, significant others, and the distance can feel impossible. But that feeling is able to be overcome. The lyrics presented in this song are real and raw. In the beginning they are very much haunting, the beginning process of grief in losing someone and missing them. Right after the song transforms into a strong, positive message about being strong enough to walk on your own. We will always remember out memories with people, and we can be strong enough to move on to new things in our lives.

Behind The Song…

“Chapters of life consist of growing, learning, and exploring new things. When I wrote the chorus line “without you right next to me, I’ll be alright. I feel your love a thousand miles away,” I was trying to think of something that would turn this into a positive scenario and show that
we are strong as individuals. It is easy to feel sad about being separated and missing someone.

“In the bridge of the song, I wanted to take the listeners on a slightly different path lyrically and musically. I wanted to reveal the struggles of the relationships and distance before I was able to be more confident that I was going to be okay without them.” After first releasing this song as a single, Sami decided to do an acoustic version as well after hearing from others how the lyrics helped them get through their personal experiences. “As a songwriter, my goal has always been to share stories that connect with people. Although, I wrote this song a few years ago, the song still resonates with me because I am realizing that life has many different chapters and may take me in paths that I may not have ever known.”

I think any listener could appreciate the message Sami is trying to convey with this song. Missing people from our past as we grow up is a pretty universal experience. This song is a great taste of what is to come and I am excited to hear more from Sami Wong.

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